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Case Study: Naples Sheriff adds studio with Brightline fixtures

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Lighting in confined spaces presents a unique challenge, but as demonstrated by the new tv production studio at the Collier County Sheriff’s department in Naples, Florida, flexibility is essential. Thanks to the color-changing capability and compact size of Brightline fixtures, lighting is broadcast-quality for each interview and stand-up shot. Brightline L1.2 studio lights, color changing Lupo fresnels, and Minnow profile spotlights were selected for the new studio – all calibrated for daylight color temperature.

Encore Broadcast Solutions, with headquarters in Tampa, served as the systems integration firm on the project, which consisted of set design, a control room with a Broadcast Pix GX-Hybrid video production switcher, three Panasonic AW-UE160 4K PTZ cameras, and Brightline lighting.

“Lighting is often thought of last in set design,” said Tampa-based Lighting Director Earl Thomas. “Once the set is there, you have to work with what you got. With this project, the set was pushed back close to the walls. Thankfully, the Minnows are so small, you can rotate them. And with the color-changing capability, they provide gorgeous accent lighting. The compact size of the Minnows with the power of an LED gives off a whole lot of light in a small space. We could light every area we needed to without any limitations.” Thomas worked with freelance lighting board programmer, Alex Amyot, on the KERO lighting design.

The TV studio room’s dimensions are roughly 25’ x 28.’ A lighting grid was added to the room, which has 11-feet-high ceilings. The grid is installed 10-feet off the floor. Thomas added that the ability to daisy chain the power and DMX controls of the Brightline fixtures made it even easier to place the lights where he wanted. “That really helped us in such a tight space,” said Thomas.

Doug Tayler of Encore Broadcast Solutions reports that more government organizations are building their own studios for internal productions and broadcasts, and they typically want something they can operate with their own staff. “They want to be able to do everything themselves, from adjusting the lighting to operating the switcher. Thanks to technology like Brightline offers we can easily incorporate the ‘set it and forget it’ ethos into our design,” said Taylor. “One set uses a Planar 165” diagonal video wall. Lighting that set was a challenge, but Brightline and Earl handled it like a champ.”

“This was a great team effort for the Collier County Sheriff’s department,” said Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “We’re thrilled the design of our fixtures enabled exactly the look and operation they wanted. We foresee many more projects of this type next year and beyond. Kudos to all our partners for their work on this new studio.”

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