Case Study: RTL adds dedicated NFL studio enhanced by LED screens

By Contributed

RTL has elevated its game with a sophisticated broadcast studio designed to bring American football to German audiences like never before.

The launch aligns with RTL’s exclusive free-TV partnership with the NFL, a significant move for both the broadcaster and the league, with the NFL also playing a game in Germany during the 2023-2024 season.

The preseason kickoff was hosted on August 12th by Nitro, a channel within the RTL network known for catering to niche interests. This event also marked the inauguration of RTL’s freshly minted live studio, replete with advanced Leyard Europe LED screens.

The journey to this state-of-the-art studio began in February when RTL collaborated with Veech x Veech, an Austrian design firm. The partnership aimed to craft a studio that was not only visually striking but also technically superior.

Laurin Schmid of Leyard Europe (Planar) played a pivotal role, ensuring that the LED screens chosen would offer optimal color rendering for broadcast without common issues such as moiré patterns. RTL’s previous positive experiences with Leyard in other studio settings laid a foundation of trust, influencing the decision to continue with Leyard’s technology in the new NFL studio.

“The preference for Leyard LED solutions by both the Veech x Veech team and the end client is rooted in past positive experiences with our products,” said Schmid.

“For instance, RTL has already successfully incorporated Leyard products in four other studios across Germany. This historical context solidified the choice of Leyard as an LED manufacturer for the new NFL studio.”


Despite the complex nature of such undertakings, the studio was completed within a short timeframe. A concerted effort from various teams and efficient use of Leyard’s Slovakian manufacturing resources were key to meeting the tight schedule, a task typically spanning up to two years but accomplished in mere months.

The studio’s design features a 360-degree layout with four main LED walls. The on-air team, comprising commentators, analysts, hosts and presenters, navigate the studio’s centerpiece – an 11.5m by 2.7m curved video wall made of Leyard AT 1.5mm LED panels. This curved design is a familiar aspect to RTL viewers, reminiscent of other network studio setups.

The studio doesn’t shy away from integrating social media, sporting a vertical LED wall for the community host to display content in a mobile-friendly vertical format. The moderator’s desk is flanked by multiple LED screens, supporting the detailed analysis and vibrant graphics that will keep viewers engaged.

Schmid underscores that Leyard’s offerings are not only top-quality but also sustainable, providing a long-term solution for RTL’s broadcasting needs. The on-camera performance of Leyard’s screens, backed by a lifetime warranty, was a convincing factor for RTL.

The successful completion of RTL’s innovative NFL studio showcases the synergy of quality, reliability, trust, and teamwork. As the 2023/24 NFL season unfolds, RTL Deutschland is poised to deliver an unrivaled viewing experience, leveraging its latest technological advancements.