Indy station adds AR weather

Indianapolis station WISH has debuted what it says is a first in the state — augmented reality weather forecasts.

The feature debuted Sept. 28, 2023, with Storm Track 8 Meteorologist Marcus Bailey using it on the station’s morning news.

The segment utilized a wide view of one portion of the station’s set, which was updated in January 2023.

Bailey first used a virtual screen that rose up out of the floor to showcase a standard weather map, with the AR elements generated by the station’s Baron Lynx weather system..

Next, he offered a school day forecast as computer generated clasroom desks slid into the view in front of him. A large virtual chalkboard appeared, cover up the real monitor on the set wall behind Bailey. 

Bailey himself appeared to be standing behind the wooden table, trash can to the left of the chalkboard as well as the student desks spread out in front. That looks is, of course, a key hallmark of AR — unlike traditional chroma key weather maps, talent can walk around 3D objects.


Bailey then moved onto providing a forecast for the Indianapolis Colts vs. Los Angeles Rams game slated to be played at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy later that day.

In this scene, he was shown standing behind a 3D model of the stadium. Team helmets were added to the left with a floating screen above displaying a traditional weather graphic.

Bailey did discuss if the Lucus Oil Stadium’s retractable roof could be opened or not at game time though the roof on the virtual building remained tightly closed.