Broadcast Design

Broadcast design encompasses a wide range of disciplines, ranging from set design, motion graphics design to lighting design. The broadcast design industry includes a wide range of design and creative professionals including scenic designers, set fabricators, motion graphics artists and renderers and lighting designers who constantly hone their craft to push boundaries and develop eye-catching new designs.

Broadcast design plays a key role in creating broadcast branding and building connections to viewers. Through the use of creative scenic design, precision lighting design and detailed motion graphics, broadcast design professionals play a key role in shaping the look and feel of TV news broadcasts, entertainment shows, sports broadcasts or any other broadcast.

Broadcast design is also a vital storytelling tool for television news, sports, weather and other programming. Through the use of on-screen graphics, on-set graphics and video walls, interactive content and virtual and augmented reality, broadcast design not only contributes to the visual look and feel of a broadcast, but also in how it connects to viewers and communicates information.

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