Partner Content

Partner content, or sponsor generated content, is content produced or curated by an advertiser that is posted on NewscastStudio and is promoted alongside NewscastStudio’s own editorial content. Sponsor generated content is designed to provide advertisers with the opportunity to spotlight products and services while also providing useful information to NewscastStudio readers.

The content will always be clearly identified as “partner content” on the primary page it appears on. Due to space considerations, it may not be labeled on social media postings or section fronts.

NewscastStudio reserves the right to edit or reject any sponsor generated content and it must meet general editorial quality guidelines in order to be featured.

While NewscastStudio has reviewed all sponsored generated content, it cannot be responsible for the claims or information contained in the content.

In some cases, sponsored generated content may provide links to the advertiser’s site, which may, in turn, collect personal information. NewscastStudio cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of the advertiser.

For more information on advertising opportunities with NewscastStudio, including having your sponsored generated content featured on NewscastStudio, please visit this page.